Trade Finance

Credit Foncier strictly serves SME clients of Uganda who are in the field of trading and manufacturing of goods for Imports and Exports.

What is Trade Finance?

Trading internationally can be risky business, with further distance for goods to travel, longer credit terms to contend with and negotiations with customers and suppliers in often unfamiliar markets.

Trade finance companies can provide both exporters and importers with financial support and guidance to help make the process as straightforward as possible, keeping cash flowing and providing security to safeguard your business.

If you’re based in Uganda and you trade with other businesses both internationally and domestically, trade finance could help you buy stock or ship products more quickly and with less risk.

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Trade Finance Products

Whether you’re importing raw materials or exporting finished goods, there are a number of different trade finance products to cater for a wide range of requirements.

From releasing cash against invoices to cover the cash flow gap to obtaining a bank guarantee that gives both parties peace of mind, it can be extremely useful for businesses who trade internationally to assess the different options available.

Read more about the different trade finance products below, or make an online enquiry and we’ll be able to guide you towards the right trade finance company to fund your business:

Import Finance

Import finance allows businesses who receive orders domestically to purchase goods and raw materials from overseas suppliers without tying up their cash flow for long periods.

The delays and complications associated with trading overseas alone can be a great burden for any company, never mind the cash flow implications of selling goods on credit terms and having to pay overseas suppliers long before payment is received.

However, import finance allows businesses to close this funding gap, keeping cash flowing so they can fulfil new orders and meet other financial commitments in confidence.

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Export Finance

What is Export Finance?

With longer credit terms and further distance for goods to travel, exporting goods from the UK can place a strain on cash flow as the working capital that’s required to fund new orders and grow the business is tied up for longer.

Export finance overcomes these demands, allowing your business to sell to overseas customers whilst maintaining your cash flow and benefiting from the finance provider’s sales ledger management expertise.

Export finance solutions such as pre-shipment finance and post-shipment finance give businesses real choice when it comes to choosing the facility which works best for them, ultimately allowing your business to trade whilst safeguarding its cash flow.

Letter of Credit

What is a Letter of Credit? A letter of credit is a letter from a Financial Institution that provides important guarantees. It can help businesses to trade internationally, whether you’re the business who’s importing or exporting the goods. For businesses exporting, the risk is that you will send goods but never receive payment from the customer. A letter of credit provides you with a guarantee that you will be paid in the event your customer is unable to settle the debt. Importers, meanwhile, may fear that they will send payment for goods they never receive. A letter of credit means they benefit from knowing they will receive the goods ordered before having to pay. Letters of credit can typically be provided as part of a wider finance facility. To discuss your funding requirements with our team, please write to us at .